Need For Postmodern Approach to Agriculture

In this article we will discuss Need For Postmodern Approach to Agriculture

In this article, we will discuss Need For Postmodern Approach to Agriculture. So, let’s get started.

Need For Postmodern Approach to Agriculture

  • Negative Consequences of Green Revolution: Modern agriculture, based on science-driven technologies and symbolised by the Green Revolution, is now viewed as a double-edged sword.
  • In tripling foodgrain production, nitrogenous fertiliser use went up 10-fold in India, with increasing application of agrochemicals and growing dependence on fossil fuel energy.
  • 18% of greenhouse gas emissions in the country are from agriculture.
  • Plagued by rapidly receding groundwater aquifers and 35% land degradation, our soil organic matter content is among the lowest in Asia.
  • Monocultures of wheat and rice are displacing the diversity of traditional farming systems.
  • Genetic homogeneity has been detrimental to nutrition while enhancing vulnerability to biotic and abiotic stresses.
  • Prospects of Sustainable agriculture (SA): As postmodern agriculture is based on the concept of sustainability of agriculture, it counters monocultural production models.
  • Its essence is embedded in the heralding of the Second Green Revolution or Evergreen Revolution.
  • There are various farming systems today for enhancing agricultural output with less land, water and energy. Their techniques enhance productivity while restoring soil fertility, replenishing water quality, improving biodiversity and maintaining inter-generational equity.
  • The National Mission on Sustainable Agriculture, to achieve SA, is one of the eight missions of the National Action Plan on Climate Change.

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