Importance of Nationalism

In this article we will discuss Importance of Nationalism

In this article, we will discuss Importance of Nationalism. So, let’s get started.

Importance of Nationalism

Nationalism happens because of common factors. The people of a nation share these common factors. These common factors are common language, history, culture, traditions, mentality, and territory. Thus a sense of belonging would certainly come in people. It would inevitably happen whether you like it or not. Therefore, a feeling of Unity and love would happen I will national citizen’s. In this way come on next time is and gives strength to the people of the nation. Nationalism has an inverse relationship with crime. It seems like crime rates are significantly lower in countries with strong nationalism. This happens because nationalism puts feelings of love towards fellow countrymen. Therefore many people avoid committing a crime against their own countrymen similarly, corruption is also low in such countries. Individuals in whose heart is nationalism, avoid corruption. This is because they feel guilty to harm their country.

Nationalism certainly increases the resolve of a nation to defend itself. There probably is a huge support for strengthening the military among nationalistic people. A strong military is the best way of defending against foreign enemies. Countries with low nationalism, probably don’t invest heavily in the military. This is because people with low nationalism don’t favour strong militaries. Hence, these countries which don’t take nationalism seriously are vulnerable.

Nationalism encourages environmental protection as well. People with higg national pride would feel ashamed to pollute their nation. Therefore, such people would intentionally work for environment protection even without rules. In contrast, an individual with low nationalism would throw garbage carelessly.

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