India’s Taliban Challenge (India’s Options)

In this article we will discuss India’s Taliban Challenge (India’s Options)

In this article, we will discuss India’s Taliban Challenge (India’s Options). So, let’s get started.

India’s Options

  • Broader Diplomatic Engagement: India should consider appointing a special envoy dedicated to Afghanistan. The envoy can ensure that Indian views are expressed at every meeting, and broaden engagement with the Taliban.
  • Decoupling of Taliban-Pakistan: Although Pakistan’s leverage over the Taliban is real, it may not be absolute.
  • The Taliban is bound to seek a measure of autonomy from Pakistan. India will have to wait a while before the current issues between India and the Taliban can be overcome.
  • Balancing the Opportunities in Afghanistan: Structuring the internal balance of power within Afghanistan has always been hard. A deeper Sino-Pak partnership in Afghanistan will inevitably produce countervailing trends.
  • However, for a patient, open-minded and active India, there will be no dearth of balancing opportunities in Afghanistan.
  • Leverage Indian Infrastructural Developments: Indian USD 3 billion assistance to Afghanistan is in concrete projects that serve its population and have earned it their goodwill that will endure.
  • The need today is to not stop the development work in Afghanistan and continue the good work.
  • Global Cooperation: There is a lot less global acceptance of terrorism today than in it was in the 1990s.
  • No major power would like to see Afghanistan re-emerge as a global sanctuary of terror.
  • The world has also imposed significant new constraints on Pakistan’s support for terror through mechanisms like the Financial Action Task Force.

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