India’s Food Insecurity

In this article we will discuss India’s Food Insecurity (As per SOFI)

In this article, we will discuss India’s Food Insecurity (As per SOFI). So, let’s get started.

India’s Food Insecurity as per SOFI

  • SOFI Report 2021: According to the data presented in the report, the prevalence of moderate to severe food insecurity in India rose by about 6.8 percentage points in 2018-20.
  • Increase in Food Security: In absolute terms, the number of persons facing moderate to severe food insecurity has increased by about 9.7 crore since the outbreak of Covid.
  • Parameters of Estimation: Estimates on food insecurity presented in the SOFI report are based on two globally-accepted indicators of food insecurity:
  • Prevalence of Undernourishment (PoU)
  • Prevalence of Moderate and Severe Food Insecurity (PMSFI)
  • India and Food Insecurity: India, the country with the largest stock of grain in the world; 120 million tonnes (as of July 1, 2021) accounts for a quarter of the world’s food-insecure population.
  • Estimates show that, in 2020, over 237 crore people were grappling with food insecurity globally, an increase of about 32 crore from 2019.
  • South Asia alone accounts for 36% of global food insecurity.

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