Manager (Skills-5)

In this article we will discuss Manager (Skills-5)

Top Management Skills: As per need of the world, much attention has been focused on the skills
and their development in top management because this level is the major driving force in an
organization. In a survey of 90 global chief executives, conducted by Anderson Consulting, a US-based consultancy firm shows that the chief executives require fourteen skills. Accordingly, a
chief executive thinks globally, anticipates opportunities, creates a shared vision, develops and empowers people, appreciates cultural diversity, builds teamwork and partnership, embraces changes, shows technological savvy, encourages constructive challenge, ensures customer satisfaction, achieves a competitive advantage, demonstrates personal mastery, shares leadership, and lives the values.7 In Indian context, one such study of 125 chief executives has identified various relevant personal skills as analytical skills, creativity, sense of high achievement, risk-taking aptitudes, business aptitudes, leadership; job-related skills such as corporate perspective, knowledge of external environment, outside contacts, planning processes, and accuracy in work.

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