Potential of Solar Energy in Agriculture

In this article we will discuss Potential of Solar Energy in Agriculture

In this article, we will discuss Potential of Solar Energy in Agriculture. So, let’s get started.

Potential of Solar Energy in Agriculture

  • Solar energy can easily fulfil energy provision and supply at agriculture farms. Various solar energy absorbing devices and systems have been developed and are in the works for agricultural applications. This includes:
  • Solar Pumping System: It is quite helpful to operate the already burdened irrigation system in India.
  • Specifically, solar pumps can be useful as water lifting devices in irrigation canals and also to evenly distribute water in those areas where traditional water systems could not have access, such as in the elevated hilly lands.
  • Solar Crop Drying: Different types of solar dryers are available for various applications, which can be used for drying of agricultural products like potatoes, grains, carrots and mushrooms.
  • Solar Spraying: The solar pesticides sprayer machine can improve their productivity for small farmers.
  • Most pesticide spraying activity is done in the daytime, so these spray machines could be used by directly capturing solar energy, which prevents the installation of batteries in these machines.
  • Solar Powered Tractors: Tractor converted agriculture farming into agro-industry by performing a lot of functions with the help of a variety of tools and equipment.
  • Usually, tractors consume oil to run and work, which increases the budget of farming and also causes the pollution in the atmosphere by producing carbon dioxide during combustion.
  • Solar powered tractors became a good option which could work directly under the sun by consuming solar energy in daytime and also could continue working in night time with the help of energy stored in batteries.

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