Effects of Manual Scavenging

In this article we will discuss Effects of Manual Scavenging

In this article, we will discuss Effects of Manual Scavenging. So, let’s get started.

Effects of Manual Scavenging

  • Social Discrimination: Most manual scavengers are stigmatised by the community due to the nature of their job.
  • They are regarded as untouchable and they are forced to accept their condition.
  • This problem is much deeper as their children are also discriminated against and forced to occupy the same work as their parents.
  • Caste Based Inequalities: The caste is still regarded as a lower class and is excluded from moving to a better occupation.
  • As a result, the scavenging work is seen as part of their natural occupation.
  • Also, the marginal caste from rural areas moving to urban areas to seek a better livelihood always end up in the same occupation.
  • Health-Related Problems: The scavengers are exposed to gases such as carbon dioxide, ammonia and methane. Long exposure to these gases may lead to serious health diseases or even death.
  • They are also exposed to various infections in the sewer, which is also common due to the numerous bacteria residing in the sewers.
  • As per the National Commission for Safai Karamcharis (NCSK) database, 608 manual scavengers have died between 2013 and 2017 while cleaning septic tanks.

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