Recent Amendments in PMLA

In this article we will discuss Recent Amendments in PMLA

In this article, we will discuss Recent Amendments in PMLA. So, let’s get started.

Recent Amendments in PMLA

  • Clarification about the Position of Proceeds of Crime: Proceeds of the Crime not only includes the property derived from scheduled offence but would also include any other property derived or obtained indulging into any criminal activity relate-able or similar to the scheduled offence.
  • Money Laundering Redefined: Money Laundering was not an independent crime rather depended on another crime, known as the predicate offence or scheduled offence.
  • The amendment seeks to treat money laundering as a stand-alone crime.
  • Under Section 3 of PMLA, the person shall be accused of money laundering if in any manner that person is directly or indirectly involved in the proceeds of the crime.
  • Concealment
  • Possession
  • Acquisition
  • Use or projecting as untainted property
  • Claiming as untainted property
  • Continuing Nature of Offence: This amendment further mentioned that the person will be considered to be involved in the offence of money laundering till the time that person is getting the fruits of activities related to money laundering as this offence is of a continuing nature.

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