Space Strategy for India

Space Strategy for India

In this article we will discuss Space Strategy for India

In this article, we will discuss Space Strategy for India. So, let’s get started.

Space Strategy for India

Space a Part of the Wider Strategic Context

  • Space has overarching applications and dependencies across almost all aspects of civilian life and military operations.
  • Space is emerging as a potential fourth arm of India’s defence setup.
  • With the US, Russia and China already in pursuit of becoming a Space power, India will need to equip itself appropriately to meet emerging security challenges.
  • There is increasing competition in the space sector. New Zealand is positioning itself as a location for private rocket launches.
  • Singapore is offering itself as a hub for space entrepreneurship based on its legal environment, availability of skilled manpower and equatorial location.

India’s Space Strategy

  • In 2020, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) released the draft of a new Spacecom Policy 2020 which was approved by the union government allowing private players’ participation.
  • India has recently set up its Defence Space Agency (DSA) supported by the Defence Space Research Organisation (DSRO) that has the mandate to create weapons to “degrade, disrupt, destroy or deceive an adversary’s space capability”.
  • DSA is looking to acquire technologies that can evaluate threats and maximise the effectiveness of Indian operations in space, land, sea and air domains.

Different Countries Stand in Terms of a Space Strategy

  • The United Kingdom (UK), China and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries have published the latest iterations of their strategic publications focused on the use of space.
  • India has not yet published a comprehensive space strategy. It may be wise for New Delhi to bring out its own strategic documents, outlining achievements, prospects and its broad approach to space.

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