Quantum Technology and India

Quantum Technology and India (Continued)

In this article we will discuss Quantum Technology and India (Continued)

In this article, we will discuss Quantum Technology and India (Continued). So, let’s get started.

Quantum Technology and India (Continued)

  • Quantum Tech and Private Sector: Large Technology Corporations such as Google, Microsoft, and IBM have dedicated programmes for quantum computing and its applications.
  • Similarly, several Indian startups such as QNu Labs, BosonQ, and are also doing remarkable work in developing quantum-based applications for cryptography, computing, and cybersecurity.
  • India’s Related Initiatives:
  • In 2018, the Department of Science & Technology unveiled a programme called Quantum-Enabled Science & Technology (QuEST) and committed to investing Rs. 80 crore over the next three years to accelerate research.
  • In the 2020 Budget speech, the Finance Minister of India announced the National Mission for Quantum Technologies and Applications (NM-QTA) with a total outlay of ₹8000 crore over five years for strengthening the quantum industry in the country.
  • In October 2021, the government also inaugurated C-DOT’s Quantum Communication Lab and unveiled the indigenously developed Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) solution.

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