Important Species of Trees and their Utility (Woods from the Evergreen Forests)

In this article we will discuss Important Species of Trees and their Utility (Woods from the Evergreen Forests)

In this article, we will discuss Important Species of Trees and their Utility (Woods from the Evergreen Forests). So, let’s get started.

Important Species of Tree and their Utility

On the basis of type of species and utility, the trees of India may be clasified under the following categories:
Woods trom Evergreen Forests.
Woods from Monsoon Forests.
Woods from Subtropical (Himalayan Forests)

Woods from the Evergreen Forests

The main trees from the evergreen forests are:
(i) Rosewood: It grows well along the slopes of the Western Ghats (Tamil Nadu Karnataka, and Kerala) and in some parts of Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh. The wood from these forests is hard and fine-grained, dark purple in colour, widely used In the manufacture of furniture, floor boards, and ornamental plyboards.
(ii) Gurjan: It occurs in the evergreen forests of Assam, West Bengal, and Andaman and
Nicobar Islands. The wood is dull reddish to brown in colour. lt is extensively used for internal construction work of houses. It is also used for packing cases, tea boxes, flooring, and wagons.
(iii) Telsur or Irupu: It is mainly found in West Bengal, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and
Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Its wood is very hard, strong and durable which are largely used for the manutacturing of boats, bridges, piles, masts, carts, and railway sleepers.
(iv) Toon: It is obtained from the foothills of the Himalayas. Although its wood is not very
hard, it is durable. It is used for making tea boxes, toys and furniture.
(v) Ebony (Diospyros Ebenum): It is found in the dry evergreen forests of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Malabar Coast, Goa, and Maharashtra. Its wood is lightly yellowish-grey and often streaked with black. The heartwood (inner core) is Jet black, rarely with brown golden streaks. It has a metallic lusture when smoothed. It is one of the most valuable woods as it is resistant to attack by insects. It is used for ornamental carving and decoration. It is also used for veneers, musical instruments, sports goods piano keys and caskets. Many species of black ebony tree or blackwood is on the verge ot extinction and is an endangered tree. Black ebony comes form trees as old as 150 years.
(vi) Chaplas: The chapla forests mainly occur in north-east India and the Western Ghats. Its
timber is strong and durable and hence, is in great demand for ship-building, furniture making, and packing boxes.
(vi) Nahar: It is found in Assam and the Malabar coast. The wood is fairly strong and durable. Its wood is used for railway sleepers, piles, and boats.
(viii) Poon: It is found in the Western Ghats, Kerala, Nilgiri, and Tamil Nadu. Its wood is very hard, can be easily seasoned and is mainly used as structural timber for house making.

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