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Salient Features of Indian Constitution (Part-10)

In this article we will discuss Salient Features of Indian Constitution (Part-10)

In this article, we will discuss Salient Features of Indian Constitution (Part-10). So, let’s get started.

Co-operative Societies

The 97th Constitutional Amendment Act of 2011 gave a constitutional status and protection to co-operative societies. In this context, it made the following three changes in the Constitution:

1. It made the right to form co-operative societies a fundamental rights (Article 19).
2. It included a new Directive Principle of State Policy on promotion of co-operative societies (Article 43-B).
3. It added a new Part IX-B in the Constitution which is entitled as “The Cooperative Societies” (Article 243-ZH to 243-ZT).

The new part IX-B contains various provisions to ensure that the co-operative societies in the country function in a democratic, professional, autonomous and economically sound manner. It empowers the Parliament in respect of multi-state co-operative societies and the state legislatures in respect of other co-operative societies to make the appropriate law.

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