Speaker (Politics)

In this article we will discuss Speaker-Politics (Importance of Speaker’sIndependence, Roles and Responsibilities of the Speaker)

In this article we will discuss Speaker-Politics (Importance of Speaker’s Independence, Roles and Responsibilities of the Speaker). So, let’s get started.

Importance of Speaker’s Independence

  • Supreme Authority: In the Lok Sabha the Speaker is the supreme authority. He has vast powers, and it is his primary duty to ensure the orderly conduct of the business of the House.
  • Symbol of Nation’s Freedom: Jawaharlal Nehru referred to the Speaker as “the symbol of the nation’s freedom and liberty” and emphasised that Speakers should be men of “outstanding ability and impartiality”.
  • Guardian of the House: MN Kaul and SL Shakdher referred to the speaker as the conscience and guardian of the House.
  • As the principal spokesperson of the Lok Sabha, the Speaker represents its collective voice.

Roles and Responsibility of Speaker

  • It is the Speaker’s duty to decide what issues will be taken up for discussion.
  • Interpretation: He/She is the final interpreter of the provisions of the Constitution of India, the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business of Lok Sabha and the parliamentary precedents, within the House.
  • Joint Sitting of Both Houses: He/She presides over a joint sitting of the two Houses of Parliament.
  • Adjournment Motion: He has the sole discretion to permit an adjournment motion to be tabled or to admit a calling attention notice, if the issue is of urgent public importance.
  • Money Bill: He/She decides whether a bill is a money bill or not, and his/her decision on this question is final.
  • Disqualifying Members: It is the speaker who decides the questions of disqualification of a member of the Lok Sabha, arising on the ground of defection under the provisions of the Tenth Schedule.
  • Constitution of Committees: The Committees of the House are constituted by the speaker and function under the speaker’s overall direction.
  • The Chairmen of all Parliamentary Committees are nominated by him/her.

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