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Global Climate Change (India and Climate Change)

In this article we will discuss Global Climate Change (India and Climate Change)

In this article, we will discuss Global Climate Change (India and Climate Change). So, let’s get started.

India and Climate Change

  • One of the Largest Emitters: For India, the third-largest carbon emitter after China and the United States, a decisive switch is needed from highly polluting coal and petroleum to cleaner and renewable power sources.
  • China has announced carbon neutrality by 2060, Japan and South Korea by 2050, but India is yet to announce a target.
  • Global Rankings and Estimates: The HSBC ranks India at the top among 67 nations in climate vulnerability (2018),
  • Germanwatch ranks India fifth among 181 nations in terms of climate risks (2020).
  • The World Bank has warned that climate change could sharply diminish living conditions for up to 800 million people in South Asia.
  • As per the Emissions Gap Report 2020, over the last decade, China, USA, EU27+UK and India combined, have contributed to 55% of the total GHG emissions.

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