Professor Charles Babbage

In this article we will discuss Professor Charles Babbage

Professor Charles Babbage (UK 1729 -1871): He was a Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University. Prof Babbage found that manufacturers made little use of science and mathematics, and that they (manufacturers) relied upon opinions instead of investigations and accurate knowledge. He felt that the methods of science and mathematics could be applied to
the solution of methods in the place of guess work for the solution of business problems. He advocated the use of accurate observations, measurement and precise knowledge for taking business decisions. He urged the management of an enterprise, on the basis of accurate data obtained through rigid investigation, the desirability of finding out the number of times each operation is repeated each hour, the dividing of work into mental and physical efforts, the determining of the precise cost for every process and the paying of a bonus to the workers in proportion to his own efficiency and the success of enterprise.

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