Economics (Introduction-3)

In this article we will discuss Economics (Introduction-3)

The discipline of economics has gained widespread popularity in context of both; areas of academics and relating to formulation of policies. Lately, the understanding of economic issues has become quite indispensable for all sections in the society – individuals, households, business units, institutions, as well as governments. Everyone wants to get rich; wants to increase their wealth holding; wants to have hold over productive resources; wants to expand their business activities. People want to earn profits, and exercise control over the market and other economic system; people want to raise their living standard and enjoy more consumption; people want to make their future secure; everyone wants to grow from the current
position. This explains that every aspect of human existence is affected by economics, directly or indirectly due to pervasive nature of economic issues and problems. That is why, people want to update their knowledge of economic issues and take advantages of that to satisfy their wants. Besides, people want to grow even in the adverse circumstances or at least survive under these circumstances. This shows that people want to become economically stronger and viable. For this reason, it becomes impossible to remain indifferent to this subject matter.

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