Reasons for the Fall in Minimum Temperature

In this article we will discuss Reasons for the Fall in Minimum Temperature

  • Reasons for the Fall in Minimum Temperature:
  • Absence of cloud cover in the region: Clouds trap some of the outgoing infrared radiation and radiate it back downward, warming the ground.
  • Snowfall in the upper Himalayas that has blown cold winds towards the region.
  • Subsidence of cold air over the region: Subsidence is the downward movement of cold and dry air closer to the surface.
  • Prevailing weak La Nina conditions in the Pacific Ocean.
  • La Nina is the abnormal cooler sea surface temperatures reported along the equatorial Pacific Ocean and it is known to favour cold waves.
  • During La Nina years, the severity of cold conditions becomes intense. The frequency and area covered under the grip of a cold wave becomes larger.

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