Significance of EdTech for India

In this article we will discuss Significance of EdTech for India

In this article, we will discuss Significance of EdTech for India. So, let’s get started.

Significance of EdTech for India

  • Interactive and Innovative Learning: Learning online with lectures, multimedia graphics, and interactive elements makes learning more engaging, and reinforces learning concepts with a visual approach.
  • India’s edtech boom also stems from facts like the prevalence of enthusiastic entrepreneurs adopting a multicultural approach to suit the needs of a diverse country, developing innovative products and approaches.
  • Need of On-Demand Learning: Students who were not compatible with the traditional school system’s rigid timetables can get access to quality education from their home. Especially competitive exam candidates often juggle work and studies simultaneously.
  • It is not often that classroom timings are aligned to their work schedule. On-demand training turns the table in students’ favour enabling them to access courses and study materials on demand anywhere, anytime and through any medium.
  • Educators Availability: In the past, a single professor could handle at most a batch of 100 students.
  • EdTech enables educators to make themselves available to a huge population of students.
  • The need for a physical space where students and teachers can assemble for classroom sessions is no longer needed.
  • Personalized Evaluation: Students receive personalized recommendations based on data on their previous learning patterns and performance.
  • Students who need extra support and benefit from a slower learning pace could receive the appropriate care.
  • Remove Age Barriers: Online programs and courses allow people of any age group to learn at their own pace, without inhibitions, and without compromising on their other commitments, which were not available at their time.
  • Equitable Chances and Reduced Pay-Wall: India’s edtech industry could slowly bridge the education-quality gap between the rich and the poor, giving Indians from all backgrounds more equitable chances of success.
  • The cost-effectiveness of edtech allows students to overcome the paywall between them and premium educators, and the virtual nature of this learning erases geographical constraints.

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