Status of Women in Healthcare Workforce

In this article we will discuss Status of Women in Healthcare Workforce

In this article, we will discuss Status of Women in Healthcare Workforce. So, let’s get started.

Status of Women in the Healthcare Workforce

  • Reaching leadership positions has proven to be especially rare for women, and the health sector is no different. As per a study published in the medical journal Lancet in 2021, women represent 71% of the global health care workforce and though both men and women progress similarly in this field in their early careers, women are five times more likely to face disruptions in their pathways.
  • This gender gap in global health leadership is particularly troubling because women’s health and reducing unjust health inequalities are central to the field.
  • Addressing this gap will not in itself solve all women’s health problems. But it is a first step that is overdue.
  • India’s health system has been stretched to the breaking point many times during the pandemic, with the bulk of the caring burden on women.
  • Women are estimated to make up to 30% of doctors and more than 80% of nurses and midwives. Medical staff in India and around the world have saved millions of lives, often while risking their own.

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