Key Elements of Current Tech-Revolution

In this article we will discuss Key Elements of Current Tech-Revolution

In this article, we will discuss Key Elements of Current Tech-Revolution. So, let’s get started.

Key Elements of Tech-Revolution

  • Disruption: ‘Disruption’ is the action of completely changing the traditional way an industry or market operates by using new methods or technology.
  • This is the need of the techade that’s underway as the status quo of technology adoption will not suffice.
  • Innovation and Impact: This techade should see technology move from ‘potential’ to ‘real life problem solving and impact’. Given the urgency, we have to make innovation count like never before in order to solve real problems.
  • Inclusivity: The techade has to be about scale, while moving towards achieving the SDGs, it must be ensured that no one gets left behind.
  • As we innovate, inclusion and security must be built into the design process from the very start.
  • Ethical Use of Tech: Responsibility must be borne by the Governments to ensure that we use technology as an equaliser and enabler of a better life for all.
  • It is imperative to come up with an ethical framework for using technology to minimise risks as much as possible.
  • The techade must be shaped from a human-centric lens.

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