Central Bank Digital Currency (Risk Management)

In this article we will discuss Central Bank Digital Currency (Risk Management)

In this article, we will discuss Central Bank Digital Currency (Risk Management). So, let’s get started.

CBDC (Risk Management)

  • In order to obviate some weaknesses of CBDCs, the usage should be payment-focused to improve the payment and settlement system. Then it can steer away from serving as a store of value to avoid the risks of disintermediation and its major monetary policy implications.
  • The data stored with the central bank in a centralised system will hold grave security risks, and robust data security systems will have to be set up to prevent data breaches. Thus, it is important to employ the right technology that will back the issue of CBDCs.
  • The sizing for the infrastructure required for the CBDC will remain tricky if payment transactions are carried out using the same system. The RBI will have to map the technology landscape thoroughly and proceed cautiously with picking the correct technology for introducing CBDCs.
  • The financial data collected on digital currency transactions will be sensitive in nature, and the government will have to carefully think through the regulatory design. This would require close interaction between the banking and data protection regulators.
  • Also, the institutional mechanisms would need to ensure that there is no overlap between different regulators and chart out a clear course of action in case there is a data breach of digital currencies.

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