HOPS Framework and Universal Health Care

In this article we will discuss HOPS Framework and Universal Health Care

In this article, we will discuss HOPS Framework and Universal Health Care. So, let’s get started.

HOPS Framework and Universal Health Care

  • About: It is possible to envisage a framework for UHC that would build primarily on health care as a public service. The framework might be called “Healthcare As An Optional Public Service” (HOPS).
  • Under HOPS, everyone would have a legal right to receive free, quality health care in a public institution if they wish. It would not prevent anyone from seeking health care from the private sector at their own expense.
  • But the public sector would guarantee decent health services to everyone as a matter of right, free of cost.
  • Example: Some Indian States are already doing so, such as in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, most illnesses can be satisfactorily treated in the public sector at little cost to the patient.
  • Significance: If quality health care is available for free in the public sector, most patients will have little reason to go to the private sector.
  • Social insurance could also play a role in this framework by helping cover procedures that are not easily available in the public sector (e.g., high-end surgeries).
  • Although HOPS would not be as egalitarian as the national health insurance model initially, it would still be a big step toward UHC.
  • Moreover, it will become more egalitarian over time, as the public sector provides a growing range of health services.

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