Women Entrepreneurs in India (Challenges)

In this article we will discuss Women Entrepreneurs in India (Challenges)

In this article, we will discuss Women Entrepreneurs in India (Challenges). So, let’s get started.

Women Entrepreneurs in India (Challenges)

  • Lack of Female Mentors: With fewer female business founders, the pool of women who can mentor and advise fellow entrepreneurs is consequently smaller.
  • One of the major barriers to women-owned-startups is the lack of role models for women which makes it harder for enterprising women to learn from their peers and tap the help of those who have ‘been there, done that’.
  • It is also harder for women to maximise the value of a business network, because networking has traditionally been done in male- centric groups and organisations.
  • Biological Aspects Assessing Cerebral Capacities: One long-standing perception has been that men are wired to be more logical (hence more fit for risky ventures) while women are more likely to be empathetic (hence, fit for only a certain set of professions).
  • The argument makes little sense when it is used to bar women from entering certain fields based on average estimates drawn from psychological observations.
  • Patriarchal Construct and Familial Constraints: Even though a lot of women have the potential as well as ambition to make it to the top in arenas that are usually dictated by a stark male presence, they are often denied their dreams by the patriarchal construct of society.
  • When a woman says she wants to do business, the public, relatives and even parents say it’s not her field. If she wants to do something, she can take up a job but business is considered inappropriate for women to do.
  • Raising Finance & Management: Another lamentable difficulty is in raising finance and its management, because in most cases, women are not considered credit-worthy.
  • Venture capitalists, angel investors and bankers do not usually trust them to repay their loans.
  • Even if they get finance, women from a middle-class background find few avenues to turn to for its management, though they have been doing it so well on their own for years without knowing it.
  • When it comes to managing finances for their businesses, they seem to be less confident and most of the time they rely on others.

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