Merits of the Parliamentary System

In this article we will discuss Merits of the Parliamentary System

In this article, we will discuss Merits of the Parliamentary System. So, let’s get started.

Merits of the Parliamentary System

The parliamentary system of government has the following merits:

Harmony Between Legislature and Executive
The greatest advantage of the parliamentary system is that it ensures harmonious relationship and cooperation between the legislative and executive organs of the government. The executive is a part of the legislature and both are interdependent at work. As a result, there is less scope for disputes and conflicts between the two organs.

Responsible Government
By its very nature, the parliamentary system establishes a responsible government. The ministers are responsible to the Parliament for all their acts of omission and commission. The Parliament exercises control over the ministers through various devices like question hour, discussions, adjournment motion, no confidence motion, etc.

Prevents Despotism
Under this system, the executive authority is vested in a group of individuals (council of ministers) and not in a single person. This dispersal of authority checks the dictatorial tendencies of the executive. Moreover, the executive is responsible to the Parliament and can be removed by a no-confidence motion.

Ready Alternative Government
In case the ruling party loses its majority, the Head of the State can invite the opposition party
to form the government. This means an alternative government can be formed without fresh elections. Hence, Dr Jennings says, ‘the leader of the opposition is the alternative prime minister’.

Wide Representation
In a parliamentary system, the executive consists of a group of individuals (i.e., ministers who are representatives of the people). Hence, it is possible to provide representation to all sections and regions in the government. The prime minister while selecting his ministers can take this factor into consideration.

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