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Spices Production in India (Key Points)

In this article we will discuss Spices Production in India (Key Points)

In this article we will discuss Spices Production in India (Key Points). So, let’s get started.

Spices Production In India

  • India is the world’s largest producer, consumer and exporter of spices.
  • Due to the varying climates – from tropical to subtropical to temperate-almost all spices grow splendidly in India.
  • In reality almost all the states and union territories of India grow one or the other spices.
  • Under the act of Parliament, a total of 52 spices are brought under the purview of the Spices Board.
  • Spices Board (Ministry of Commerce and Industry) is the flagship organization for the development and worldwide promotion of Indian spices.
  • It was established by the Spices Board Act, 1986.
  • In India, there are some states which grow the spices that have very high value in both national and international markets.
  • The best example is Kashmiri saffron which is the world’s best saffron.
  • The Kashmir saffron has got Geographical Indication (GI) tag status.

Spices Trade

  • The export of spices contributes 41% of the total export earnings from all horticulture crops in the country.
  • It ranks fourth among agricultural commodities, falling behind only the marine products, non basmati rice and basmati rice.

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