Salient Features of Indian Constitution (Part-7)

In this article we will discuss Salient Features of Indian Constitution (Part-7)

In this article, we will discuss Salient Features of Indian Constitution (Part-7). So, let’s get started.

Single Citizenship

Though the Indian Constitution is federal and envisages a dual polity (Centre and states), it provides for only a single citizenship, that is, the Indian citizenship.

In countries like USA, on the other hand, each person is not only a citizen of USA, but also a citizen of the particular state to which he/she belongs. Thus he/she owes allegiance to both and enjoys dual sets of right-one conferred by the National government and another by the state government. In India, all citizens irrespective of the state in which they are born or reside enjoy the same political and civil rights of citizenship all over the country and no discrimination is made between them.

Despite the constitutional provision for a single citizenship and uniform rights for all the people, India has been witnessing the communal riots, class conflicts, caste wars, linguistic clashes and ethnic disputes. This means that the cherished goal of the Constitution-makers to build a united and integrated Indian nation has not been fully realised.

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