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Merits of Colonialism

In this article we will discuss Merits of Colonialism

In this article, we will discuss Merits of Colonialism. So, let’s get started.

Merits of Colonialism

  • Industrial growth: Colonialism contributed for the industrial growth of the mother country. Raw materials were brought to the mother country from her colonies. The factories ran quite well and produced more and more which were sent again to colonies for sail.
  • The mother country sent many powerful and genius people to different colonies. They became the head of administration or army. They received their salary from the colonies. Thus, the mother country could very well govern her colonies
  • Colonialism increased the prestige of the mother country. The more colonies a country possessed the more prestige it had before others. It also considered herself more powerful.
  • Colonialism also helped in the promotion of education, agriculture, administration, industry, trade and commerce. In due course of time, these colonies became self-sufficient.
  • Colonialism taught the people about ‘Nationalism’, ‘Democracy’ and ‘Constitutionalism’. In later times, these ideas helped the’ people of the colonies to achieve independence.
  • This helped a lot to the missionaries. They taught English to the people at different colonies. This educated people who knew many new ideas and spread them among the native people.

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