CSR Compliance (Issues Pertaining)

In this article we will discuss CSR Compliance (Issues Pertaining)

In this article, we will discuss CSR Compliance (Issues Pertaining). So, let’s get started.

CSR Compliance (Issues Pertaining)

  • Finding Right Partners: Despite growing awareness about the significance of CSR compliance, the challenges remain in identifying the right partners and projects, as well as in selecting projects that are long-term impactful, scalable, and are self-sustaining.
  • Lack of Community Participation in CSR Activities: There is a lack of interest of the local community in participating and contributing to CSR activities of companies.
  • This is largely attributable to the fact that there exists little or no knowledge about CSR within the local communities as no serious efforts have been made to spread awareness about CSR.
  • The situation is further aggravated by a lack of communication between the company and the community at the grassroots.
  • Issues of Transparency: There is an expression by the companies that there exists lack of transparency on the part of the local implementing agencies as they do not make adequate efforts to disclose information on their programs, audit issues, impact assessment and utilisation of funds.
  • This reported lack of transparency negatively impacts the process of trust building between companies and local communities, which is a key to the success of any CSR initiative at the local level.
  • Non-availability of Well Organised NGOs: There is non-availability of well organised NGOs in remote and rural areas that can assess and identify real needs of the community and work along with companies to ensure successful implementation of CSR activities.

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