Digitisation of Judiciary (Steps to Promote)

In this article we will discuss Digitisation of Judiciary (Steps to Promote)

In this article, we will discuss Digitisation of Judiciary (Steps to Promote). So, let’s get started.

Digitisation of Judiciary (Steps to Promote)

  • Role of Judges and Lawyers: Political will and the support of judges and lawyers are necessary for the digitisation process to succeed.
  • The need of the hour is for them to be made aware of the associated technologies and receive adequate training.
  • Conducting training sessions to familiarise the Judges with the e-courts framework and procedure can give a huge impetus to the successful running of e-courts.
  • Virtual Hearing in Certain Cases: Virtual hearings cannot be a substitute for physical court hearings in all cases.
  • However, in certain categories of cases as identified by the court administration, virtual hearing should be made mandatory.
  • Regulation of Technology Usage: As the technology grows, concerns about data protection, privacy, human rights and ethics will pose fresh challenges and hence, will require great self-regulation by developers of these technologies.
  • It will also require external regulation by the legislature through statute, rules, regulation and by the judiciary through judicial review and constitutional standards.
  • Training: The government must make dedicated efforts in the training of personnel to maintain all the e-data.
  • These include maintaining proper records of e-file minute entries, notification, service, summons, warrants, bail orders, order copies, e-filing etc. for ready references.
  • Creating awareness about e-courts and technologies in the judiciary through seminars can help bring to light the facilities and the ease that such initiatives can facilitate

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