Need for Digitisation of Judiciary

In this article we will discuss Need for Digitisation of Judiciary

In this article, we will discuss Need for Digitisation of Judiciary. So, let’s get started.

Need for Digitisation of Judiciary

  • Difficulty in Maintaining Physical Records: Not only a large space is required to store so many files, it is also quite difficult to manually preserve the decades-old documents.
  • It has been observed that cases are adjourned simply because affidavits filed several years ago were not restored with the record or were not traceable.
  • Acquittal of Convicts: Another purpose is to ensure that these files are traceable electronically as and when required. The consequences of missing court records are grave.
  • In many old cases, criminal records are found to go missing thereby leading to the acquittal of the accused.
  • In State of Uttar Pradesh v. Abhay Raj Singh, it was held by the Supreme Court that if court records go missing and re-construction is not possible, the courts are bound to set aside the conviction.
  • Delays in Cases: The time consumed in summoning records from the lower courts to the appellate courts is one of the major factors that cause delays in cases.

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