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Carbon Farming (Awareness)

In this article we will discuss Carbon Farming (Awareness)

In this article, we will discuss Carbon Farming (Awareness). So, let’s get started.

Carbon Farming (Awareness)

  • An international initiative called ‘4 per 1000’, launched at the 2015 Paris climate conference, showed that increasing soil carbon worldwide by just 0.4% yearly could offset that year’s new growth in CO2 emissions from fossil fuel emissions.
  • Carbon farming is also big on political agendas and climate manifestos. The US administration has been planning to launch a carbon bank for farmers as part of a plan to fight climate change.
  • Former US President Donald Trump declared the soil to be the next frontier of the climate change fight.
  • The zeal is also found in the global private sector with corporate behemoths like McDonald’s, Target, Cargill pledging to use funds to support regenerative practices.
  • 2022 has been the biggest year in carbon capture investment with big tech companies like Stripe, Alphabet, Meta and Shopify announcing $925 million worth of carbon removal offsets over the next eight years.
  • This private sector enthusiasm and burgeoning market sentiment has to be matched by public sector boost.
  • In India, Meghalaya is currently working on a blueprint of a ‘carbon farming’ Act to create a prototype of sustainable agriculture model for the entire North-East region.
  • The North-East Region has shown tremendous progress in adopting organic and sustainable agriculture practices; Sikkim became the first State in the world to become fully organic in 2016.

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