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Carbon Farming (Practicable Option)

In this article we will discuss Carbon Farming (Practicable Option)

In this article, we will discuss Carbon Farming (Practicable Option). So, let’s get started.

Carbon Farming (Practicable Option)

  • Climate Friendly: Carbon farming promises a bold new agricultural business model — one that fights climate change, creates jobs, and saves farms that might otherwise be unprofitable.
  • In essence, a climate solution, and increased income generation opportunity and ensuring a food security net for the population.
  • Optimising Carbon Capture: It is a whole farm approach to optimising carbon capture on working landscapes by implementing practices that are known to improve the rate at which CO2 is removed from the atmosphere and stored in plant material and/or soil organic matter.
  • Carbon farming can incentivise our farmers to introduce regenerative practices in their agricultural processes helping them shift their focus from improving yields to functioning ecosystems and sequestering carbon that can be sold or traded in carbon markets.
  • Farmer Friendly: It not only improves the health of soil but can also result in improved quality, organic and chemical-free food (farm-to-fork models) along with boosted/secondary income from carbon credits for the marginalised farmers.
  • Growth in Carbon Market: The total value of the global carbon markets grew by 20% in 2020 — the fourth consecutive year of record growth — and is well on its way in raising a critical mass of investors.
  • The value of traded global markets for carbon dioxide permits grew by 164% to a record €760 billion ($851 billion) in 2021.
  • Carbon thus can effectively prove to be the ‘cash crop’ of the future for farmers

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