India, Germany and France Relations (Recent Developments)

In this article we will discuss India, Germany and France Relations (Recent Developments)

In this article, we will discuss India, Germany and France Relations (Recent Developments). So, let’s get started.

India, Germany and France Relations (Recent Developments)

  • In April 2022, the President of the European Commission on her visit to Delhi unveiled the new contours of the EU’s strategic partnership with India by launching the India-Europe Trade and Technology Council. This is the EU’s second such council.
  • However, in the PM’s visit to Europe, the focus is on India’s key bilateral partnerships with European majors – Germany and France as well as a critical northern corner of Europe, the so-called Norden.
  • The visit will provide India with an opportunity to find ways to limit some of the negative regional and global consequences of the Russia-Ukraine war and explore the emerging possibilities for stronger cooperation with key European countries.
  • The strategic convergence between India and France is based on the fundamental conviction of both countries in a multipolar world and in the concept of strategic autonomy.
  • France has stood by India since 1998 when India conducted nuclear tests and the entire world was against the latter.
  • In recent times, France has been India’s “new Russia” — its most important strategic partner.
  • In the last few years, France has emerged as a strong defender of India’s interests in the UN Security Council and a regional ally in the vast Indo-Pacific theatre.
  • France has also been a major supplier of advanced arms to India.
  • Germany and India do not have a traditional strategic partnership. It is a green partnership based on trade, investment, technology, functional collaboration, skill development, and sustainability.
  • There are several initiatives like the Indo-German energy forum, environmental forum, partnership on urban mobility, skill development and science and technology.
  • More recently, in January 2022, the German Navy frigate Bayern landed in Mumbai which was a remarkable step for Indo-German relations signifying a concrete outcome of the Indo-Pacific Policy Guidelines that Germany adopted in 2020.

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